What we do

Our Mission

Social, professional and economic advancement

BIWOC* Rising is an empowerment project for women*, transgender and non-binary people, who are facing intersectional discrimination. By creating a safe(r) work and social club, including training programs, we promote social, professional and economic advancement through an intersectional community. 

We are creating a safe(r) space for perspectives, ideas and expertise that will lead us to greater mobility, prosperity and strenghten our intersectional communities.
We will combine our diverse and unique experiences and knowledge into a powerful tool to dismantle racism and any form of discrimination along our way.


New working culture

Over 150 coworking spaces have sprung up in Berlin in recent years. They have made the capital the European pioneer of a new working culture. A work culture designed for the privileged among us. Making this new work culture very homogeneous. This existing coworking spaces are also a huge part of the gentrification in Berlin that is pushing marginalised groups out of the city. Gentrification is neo-colonialism and it is hitting our communities – marginalised communities like migrant, working class and BPoC communities and many more.

Why do we need an intersectional space?

We need to reclaim and de-colonialise spaces to achieve social participation and justice.
Space is a major foundation and platform for everything that is build. Communities can develop as people occupy spaces and form relationships. Innovations emerge from these relationships, these synergies that people form in that space and in the communities. Space and community together create an atmosphere that encourages social innovation. Creating intersectional spaces means shaping our city to our needs of marginalized communities.