our projects


Individual, structural and institutional discrimination in labor markets are shaping our economic success(es) and social participation. We want to change that and learn how to have a bigger impact on our work places. What we already know: the solution lies in an intersectional approach.

Workshops and seminars will be tailored to our needs and provide us with the necessary skills. Creating podcasts and video clips together can empower not only us, but our communities outside of BIWOC* Rising. Along the way we will make room for selfreflection to strengthen our community Рand so much more. 


The mentoring program will give us the chance to learn from our communities and experiences. We will make diverse biographies visible and create representation. If you are a student, just migrated to Berlin, starting your own business or simply need advice, you can join this program – anyone can participate. You can also be both a mentor* or mentee*. Let’s lift each other up.

Stay tuned for more…