Special Thanks

Our sincere thanks goes out to all in our community for your continued support and dedication. We are truly grateful to have great individuals, groups and established associations who are already making a difference.

James Baldwin once said:
„The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it”.

Creating selforganised spaces from and for individuals and groups facing intersectional discrimination is one step further towards liberation from a system that systematically denies us space. These spaces can be testimonies of empowerment, resilience and resistance. We need every each and one of them and gladly support the work of BIWOC* Rising.
Iris Rajanayagam
Director xart splitta
Spaces are contested in big cities and especially for systematically excluded non-white WLGBTI communities. It's these communities that clean and maintain the gentrified city but it's also these communities who are being deprived of their right for housing, assembling, orginizing and working. They lack those spaces which are so essential for a selfdetermined life and civil society. We, as the Migration Council of Berlin that is a roof organization of migrant and diaspora organizations, are whitnessing these injustices and discrimination against non-white WLGBTI in our work but also personal lives. We know how essential spaces are to be able to participate in society. We strongly support the establishment of a BIWOC work space and social club. We are looking forward to connect our work and strengthen our communities by offering and promoting access to empowering spaces.
Nadiye Ünsal
Project Coordindator "MSO-Inklusiv!",
Migrationsrat Berlin e.V
Ya’ll can’t even know how excited I am to soon be able to work in a space, that specifically asks and encourages me - a visible muslim woman of the global majority - to learn, grow, flourish, share and connect with likeminded siblings. Even though Berlin is said to be a „multi-cultural“ city, this diversity is rarely represented in working spaces and networking spaces. As a creative I have a deep urge to work in a safe environment, where I can connect with peers and mentors that - like me - have had to navigate white and or excluding spaces in order to achieve their goals.
Esra Karakaya
VJ und Videoproduzentin,
Content Creatorin, Moderatorin

Photo by Meki Tsige @zombienanny
Being a woman of color in Europe has put me in vulnerable situations. I have experienced marginalization and discrimination in various work environment. Spaces like BIWOC* Rising are more than needed, cause people like me can encounter others with the same or similar struggle. This network has helped me to build not only my social community, but also helped me to find people to collaborate with. Furthermore, the given emotional support had helped me more than ever.
Thais N Veiga
Video Producer, Journalist
As a non-EU immigrant and Woman of Color, finding spaces to showcase my work and, most importantly, to support my community, has been an incredibly challenging task. The creation of a network and physical space like the one proposed by BIWOC* Rising is crucial not only for me but for hundreds of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the intersectionality spectrum to be able to thrive and support one another in a city like Berlin – which, as international as it is known to be, still lacks support and empowerment systems for the BIWoC* community. The establishment of BIWOC* Rising signifies a safer space where I can share my knowledge and apply my work for the benefit of the abovementioned community, and well as boost my professional growth by offering classes, workshops, and engaging in networking and skill-sharing.
Isabela Alzuguir
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner,
Writer & Editor
WA(i)VE- Womxn of color Artists/Academics/Activists in Vernacular Expression, is an empowerment group specifically designed for women of color, trans women of color, gender nonconforming and non binary people of color. The regular monthly meetings organized by WA(i)VE and its members are designed to exchange social, cultural, bureaucratic, and political knowledge so as to empower the most marginalized in our communities. Due to the sometimes senstive nature of topics addressed, (ie experiences of violence, racism, sexual harassment), and the content of our members' artistic and intellecual property, it's vital that we are able to meet in welcoming, non-threatening spaces that allow us privacy and safety. BIWOC* Rising and its spaces allow the WA(i)VE community to feel safe so that we can continue to connect, collaborate, and empower the women of color artists, academics, and activists in Berlin and beyond. BIWOC* Rising is fundamental in the continuation of WA(i)VE and is one of our most trusted partners.
Rhea Ramjohn
Director WA(i)VE, Writer, Podcaster
Living in a society that is dominated by white supremacy, patriarchy, neo colonialism, hypercapitalism, anti-LGBTIQ is in itself very taxing, very resource draining and very very exhausting. Hence BIW*OC need spaces that can replenish, provide support, help to breathe, to think, to feel- for themselves with one another.
"Let us be kind to each other, so that we can be dangerous together", said Audre Lorde. To do that we need spaces where we can connect with each other. This could be one such space. This could be a space for all of us working in various ways in myriad organizations to eliminate structural racism, patriachy, anti-feminism, lookism, class, to collaborate, share experiences, empower each other.
Manjiri Palicha
Wissenschaftlich-pädagogische Mitarbeiterin
Integration, Diversity and Inclusion for the
Berliner Volkshochschulen
In a time where words like "safe space", "diversity" and "inclusion" are being (ab)used, I find it even more important to question what they actually mean and how the practice looks like. These words are not simply banners one can put on and be "certified", there is no such thing. This is where BIWOC* Rising would come in for me. BIWOC* Rising wants to create a safe(r) work space for women*, transgender and non-binary people, who are facing intersectional discrimination. These spaces have been denied to so many of us and it is time that this changes!
Olivia Hyunsin Kim (올리비아 Hyunsin 金)
Artistic Director at
"Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim"
and everyday activist

Photo by Christian Cattelan