WA(i)VE- Womxn of color Artists/Academics/Activists in Vernacular Expression, is an empowerment group specifically designed for womxn of color,
trans people of color, gender nonconforming and non binary people of color who are looking for a safe, resourceful, supportive network in which to collaborate, inspire, and share knowledge so as to strengthen and celebrate one other’s vernacular and distinctive forms of self expression in the arts, scholarship, social justice, and community service.

WA(i)VE is a full supporter of BIWOC Rising in its initiative to create a safer physical space for members of Berlin’s qtbipoc community and we look forward to partnering on mentoring, workshopping, and other resource and skill-building programs.

This community exists to be a safer space and to empower womxn of color who chart their identities as gender nonconforming, non binary, and along LGBTQIA Plus spectrums, who are descended from African, Asian, Caribbean, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, and South American origin. Furthermore, this network encourages the active participation of womxn of color of various abilities, nationalities and languages. We are also a community for womxn of color of various faiths as well as those who do not follow a particular faith. This group and its events, do not tolerate violence of any kind that threatens people on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical appearance, socio-economic lines, religious affiliation, age, disability, language, migration status, or health. We do not tolerate creative theft, intellectual property infringement, copying, plagiarism, or ridicule.

Rhea Ramjohn, Founder

Trinbagonian-American Writer / Producer / Host

The Tanti Table podcast is Berlin’s all womxn of color English-speaking podcast that brings together the T.A.N.T.I. – Thinkers, Anecdotes, News, taboos, and Intersectionality of Berlin and beyond. Each episode the hosts Rhea Ramjohn, Armeghan Taheri, and Goitseone Montsho bring artists, scholars, and community organizers, to sip some tea, question the powers that be, and of course- talk about tantis! (a.k.a. “aunties”).
The Tanti Table Podcast seeks to collect these stories, promote intersectional anti-discrimination, and intergenerational archiving of diasporic communities. Partnering with BIWOC Rising strengthens the voices of the qtbipoc community and the Tanti Table Podcast is committed to being a platform and resource to all the community’s members.