Strictly Business #17: Caris

Caris // Professional chef and owner of the bakery C+ Conscious Cuisine.  

Hey I’m Caris (she/they)! A queer fem non-binary person born and raised in London of Caribbean descent.

I studied culinary arts in college and university, and have been working as a professional chef for 12 years, and can now proudly say that I have finally actualized my childhood dream of owning my own bakery, and I couldn’t be happier!

My obsession with food began at the tender age of 2 years old where my earliest memory resides of my intricately designed yellow birthday cake on my 2nd birthday. I remember it like it was yesterday. Except for yesterday, haven’t got a clue what happened then…

As a child I grew up with a severe allergy to milk and dairy, so  I understood from an early age the struggle of eating out and feeling included within dining culture.

In turn, inclusivity naturally became an integral part of my mission in life and with C+. I want as many people as possible who eat here to feel welcome, included and special. And relatively guilt free!

C+ Conscious Cuisine blends conscious eating and living within its concept. Equality matters, and is an integral message behind my company.

C+ specializes in Vegan Cinnamon Buns that are organic, wholemeal, sourdough and refined sugar free. They are sold along with other vegan and gluten free treats regularly at markets around Berlin, and are available for delivery!

Support Caris and C+ by checking their Instagram @cplusconsciouscuisine to see where they will be next and how to order directly!


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BIWOC* Rising is the first intersectional co-working space & social club in Berlin and Germany. This safer space is exclusively for women, trans, inter and non-binary people who identify as Black, indigenous or of Colour! Through training programs, empowerment workshops, and a work-desk in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, BIWOC* Rising is creating a new working culture – a working culture that transcends the white, homogenous, capitalist one that has been a core driver of gentrification and marginalization in Berlin.