Our Co-workinG Space


A Flexdesk and more! At BIWOC* Rising, we strive to create safe(r) spaces for all our members. “Safe” is an illusive word that not only means different things to different people, but can also mean different things at different moments in life for that same individual. Therefore, not only is the space open exclusively for BIWoC or TIN*BIPoC, all members and team undergo periodical Awareness Workshops/Sensibilisierungsworkshop. We believe that safer spaces can be created and maintained only when everyone is actively involved in the process.

‘Safe(r) space and more! To reflect/echo the beauty in our community, we strived to create a beautiful space with new and comfortable furniture, with pastel colors that create bright, soft and calming atmosphere. Because we deserve beautiful stuff! When you need a break from work, you can lounge on our cozy sofas, and enjoy our intersectional feminist collection of books. Alternatively, you can prepare your lunch/dinner or mid-day snack in our fully equiped kitchen. We all enjoy the lovely cooking smells in the kitchen. So please dont mind if other members simply join you there for a chat.

Check out our Code of Conduct for more information.


All BIWoC are welcome to make use of our co-working space. BIWoC stands for Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour, with which we include all those self-identifying as women. QTIPoC stands for queer, trans, intersex people of colour.

We are open from 9:00-19:00 on weekdays. It can also be arranged to access the space outside of these opening hours.

Classism is a huge part of co-working spaces. We want our space to be as inclusive as possible, which is why we discuss membership fees individually. 

We are located near Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg, Berlin. You’ll receive the address after registration.

We have a kitchen where you can store, warm up and enjoy any food or drinks you wish to bring. There is also a meeting room which you can reserve.

Both! In addition to the co-working space and Slack channel, we host monthly community evenings and organise workshop and events for our members (all of which are optional). And if you’d like to propose an event or programme, we’re all ears!