Intersectional work and social club


We are the first co-working space for BIW*oC and TIN*BIPoC in Germany. 

Our co-working space in Berlin is an intentional and intersectional safer space. As part of our community, you can also attend workshops, events and community dinners.


We envision a world in which BIW*oC AND TIN*BIPoC in Germany have spaces where they can connect with one another, learn from one another, and build a strong network of social and professional support.

Current Projects


Intersectional approach to solving discriminatory structures at work: workshops, seminars, podcasts, self reflection...

Safer coworking space

We are the first coworking space for BIWOC and TIN*BIPOC in Germany, located in Kreuzberg, Berlin...

brave spaces 2.0

We want to demystify and simplify the bureaucracy of entrepreneurship in Germany through better access to information, support and networking.

Join Our community.

Our co-working space in Berlin-Kreuzberg is not just a safer space for BIW*oC and TIN*BIPoC to carry out their day-to-day tasks. It’s also a network of professional and social support as well as a space where members actively contribute to the community. 

Sounds good? Don’t hesitate and become a cherished member of our community!