We believe that making change in a structural and sustainable way requires making intersectional concepts accessible to a wide audience. That’s why we offer intersectional anti-bias and empowerment workshops for companies, organisations and institutions. By combining the experiences and knowledge of our team with those of your staff, we can create a powerful tool to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination in workplaces and support the growth of a diverse and inclusive labour market.

Our expert team has a wide range of backgrounds and expertise to offer individual training sessions that meet your unique needs and help you to implement an intersectional work environment. We also offer empowerment training for BIPoC and/or LGBTQI+ within your organisation.

Our trainings address questions like:

  • What does an intersectional approach in the workplace look like?
  • How can you tranform your organisation/company/institution to a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment?
  • What is allyship among colleagues?
  • Why is empowering your BIPoC/LGBTQI+ staff important?

Please note: We don’t offer workshops for companies or organisations to tick a box. A meaningful training doesn’t happen in an hour-long presentation – we need to dig deep down ourselves and our systems and bring all the inequalities to light. Only then can we dismantle them.

If you are ready to be an actor of change, get in touch with us: