Our Story

Our Mission.

Social, professional and economic rights and well-being

BIWOC* Rising supports women, transgender and non-binary people who are facing intersectional discrimination. By creating a safe(r) co-working space and network, and offering our members workshops and trainings, we promote collective social, professional and economic growth and resistance to oppression from an intersectional perspective.

We gather and share perspectives, ideas and expertise that will lead us to greater mobility, prosperity and community. We bring people together, combining our diverse experiences and unique knowledge into a powerful tool to dismantle racism and any form of discrimination along our way.

Why we exist.

New working culture

In recent years, over 150 new coworking spaces have sprung up in Berlin, making the city the European pioneer of a new working culture. But these spaces are designed for the privileged among us, and wind up homogeneous as a result. The rise in coworking spaces is also a huge part of the gentrification in Berlin that is pushing marginalised groups out of the city. In this way, gentrification is a form of neo-colonialism, hitting our communities – like migrant, working class and BPoC communities – the hardest.

Why do we need an intersectional space?

Physical spaces provide an important foundation for social and political change. When people occupy spaces together, they form relationships, develop communities and come up with new ideas and projects together. That’s why reclaiming and decolonising spaces is an urgent political project: together, space and community create an atmosphere that encourages social innovation, and creating intersectional spaces allows us to shape our city to the needs of marginalized communities. 



We see intersectionality as a powerful tool to understand and dismantle existing discriminatory structures. Only by considering all intersections of discriminations can we achieve justice for the most vulnerable and ultimately, for all.


Our intersectional approach pushes for an equal basis from which everyone can achieve their full potential. We consider the whole lived experience of intersectional discrimination and/or privileges in order to flatten the playing field for marginalised communities.


Our space is created for us and by us. Our narratives are not stories but lived experiences. We design spaces that meet the varied needs of our communities and create a culture of belonging.


We build our community and network through commitment. We believe creating safer spaces for growth can only succeed when all participants have a seat at the table and commit to continuous participation.


With our community, we share the responsibility for the implementation and further development of our vision and mission. We support and challenge each other to have a stronger influence on social discourses and overcome obstacles.

Community care

We nurture community care as a means of deeper healing. By sharing our powers, privileges, and resources, we build the foundation of togetherness. By cultivating a collaborative framework, we are better able to support our well-being and that of our loved ones.


We believe transparency is essential in creating new and alternative structures and strong communities. Sharing information on different levels can also be empowering. Therefore, we place great value on direct communication with our community and network. As members of Transparency International Deutschland e.V., we pledge to share relevant information to the public. (link)