Strictly Business #2: Samira Mahboub

Samira Mahboub // Co-Founder of Limala

Our series “Strictly Business” presents Samira Mahboub, Co-Founder Limala

I am Samira – half Moroccan half German – and newly based in Berlin. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology in Munich, I have earned my Master’s in ‘Gender, Media and Culture’ in London and focused on questions around postcolonial theory, intersectional feminism, and affect theory. I also work as a model and occasionally do performance art grounded in social and political critique. 

Growing up in two cultures and constructing my identity around that duality/diversity, I have always felt the need to further connect with and stronger embrace my Moroccan side.

On that note, I recently founded – together with my husband – a company called Limala. Sharing a mutual love for our Moroccan heritage, we decided to start a project dedicated to celebrate Moroccan’s artisanal culture. As Limala, we offer handmade Moroccan rugs and work with small family businesses in the Atlas Mountains. 

However, Limala is not only about our rugs but also is a cultural project emphasizing Morocco’s rich cultural heritage via storytelling and narrations. Limala also represents the idea to connect with people and cultures through a shared and mutual love for local artisanship and focuses on the beauty of slow manual labour. Ultimately, we want to build an inclusive and genuine community not only with our rug artists but also with our customers and all people enjoying our philosophy and mission. 

To me, Limala combines everything that I feel passionate about: being engaged with and learning from Moroccan women*s artisanship, shedding light on Morocco’s diverse and indigenous cultures, connecting with my Moroccan/Amazigh heritage. 
Limala means coming home. Limala is my empowerment.

Check out Samira’s Instagram to learn more about her, her work and Moroccan artisanship!


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