Strictly Business #21: Winifred Marie Cudjoe

Winifred Marie Cudjoe // Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Whenever someone asks me what I do and I start explaining, that I am a single mom who is
currently running multiple businesses they get really impressed.

This can only be topped then by the information, that I also relocated to Ghana when my son
was only 6 months old. Soon after they start expressing their
appreciation for my journey, pointing out how strong and inspirational I am.
And truth be told inspirational doesn’t feel inspirational at all a lot of times. There’s days
when I feel miserable still and incompetent. Even at the things I know I am good at.
Days where I get into pointless and petty fights with people that I beat myself up over for
days after.

If you were to ask me what I do, I could tell you that I make and sell waistbeads or that I am
one of the most kick ass sales people I know. I could even lead with being
a loving and committed mother, or a gentle and compassionate coach. But while listing all
these things I realized that no person is one single thing. And so I want to tell
you that while I was a kick ass sales person I was also really depressed at times. While I
was running my online business I would get so scared of my success sometimes that I would
logg out of the page for months. While I am a loving and committed mother, I also lose my
shit sometimes. And while I coach my clients to be gentle and tender with themselves,
I am still learning how to extend certain levels of love to myself.
And that’s ok.

Realizing more and more that it’s possible and maybe even necessary to be both was a very
big step in my life toward more well-being in general. Learning how to treat yourself with
kindness and understanding is what I had to learn and it’s also what I am practicing with my
Because I have come to the realization that radically holding space for yourself is truly

If you’re interested to get in touch for a session @matemasie.coaching
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