Strictly Business #3: Justice Mvemba

Justice Mvemba // Founder of My Premium Travel

Traveling to Africa, changed my perspective of this continent completely. Yes I saw poverty. Yes I realized how privileged I was because people there, didn’t have the luxury of choice. 

Choice is what differs us from Africans, but I also saw all the things the media in Germany didn’t tell me about countries like Kenya, Uganda, Senegal or Gambia. They didn’t talk about the beauty of these countries. They didn’t tell me that I would understand my parents and my education the way I did. 

Traveling also taught me to trust myself and in my capabilities. Most of all it taught me to love myself to the fullest. My culture, my historical heritage, my character, my skin, my body, my life perspective. I want people to feel the same. I want people to change their perception of Africa.

Because if people stop seeing Africa as a pittyful continent, the view of Black people in this world will change too. If we don’t start telling new stories about ourselves and our continent, nobody else will.

So for this to happen I want to make it as easy and attractive as possible for BIPOC to travel home. 
My ultimate goal is to change the narrative of Africa. We can’t let people talk down on us or our origins anymore! 

That’s why I founded the agency My Premium Travel. I curate travels to Africa and Europe for my clients. I include Europe in my destinations because it’s the second world that lives in me. I want people from the African Diaspora to be able to travel in a carefree way here too.

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