Our Podcast with Estela Suarez

Podcast with Estela Suarez // A collaboration with Hammam Radio

Last week, BIWOC* Rising, Estela Suarez and Saboura Naqshband came together to talk about vogue fem, body empowerment, and tools BIW*oC and TIN*BIPoC can use to release trauma and emotionally heal through body movement and the connection to oneself.

Tune in to this 🔥 talk with our speaker Estela Suarez, our moderator Saboura Naqshband, and Cérise Carson and Dr. Lana Sirri from BIWOC* Rising ✨

🎙️ Clear here to listen!

A huge thank you to our collaboration partner Hammam Radio (@hammamradio)

📸 Credits: Lisa Wild
Hair Stylist: Béanne Da Costa



BIWOC* Rising is the first intersectional co-working space & social club in Berlin and Germany. This safer space is exclusively for women, trans, inter and non-binary people who identify as Black, indigenous or of Colour! Through training programs, empowerment workshops, and a work-desk in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, BIWOC* Rising is creating a new working culture – a working culture that transcends the white, homogenous, capitalist one that has been a core driver of gentrification and marginalization in Berlin.