biwoc* impact

What's BIWOC* & TIN*BIPOC Impact?

As BIW*oC and TIN*BIPoC, systemic, structural, institutional, and individual discrimination and marginalization limit our ability to be our authentic, full, and capable selves in the workplace. Our potential to create, lead, and socially and economically participate is hindered by intersectional discrimination and biases held by our colleagues, managers, and executives, as well as the structures and systems that we work in.

Our community and we at BIWOC* Rising think it’s high time for a fundamental transformation of the German labor market and created the project TIN*BIWOC* Impact. This project is about the creation of safer, anti-racist, and discrimination-free work and community spaces to connect, understand, empower each other and build professional and social networks.

We connect and empower through: 

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Info Events
  • Open Network Evenings
  • Exclusive Community Evenings
  • Podcasts
  • Info Videos
  • Advocacy (Collaborations & Networking)
  • Social Media
  • Anti-Racist & Political Education
  • Anti-Discrimination Consultation