Strictly Business #36: Nanjing Deng

Nanjing Deng

Ceremonial Singer.
Intuitive Vocalist.
Sound Worker.
Practicioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki.

Who are you?
My great passion lies in creating sound offerings and empowering humans to express the voices of their souls through singing. I also have a deep love for working with the sacred touch, utilizing various massage techniques, Chinese acupressure, and acupuncture points. My purpose is to bring healing, following ancestral ways, not just to my own life, but also to my beloved ones and to our great Mother Earth. Throughout my journey, I have embraced the path of following my heart, and in doing so, I have encountered invaluable tools that have become my medicine. Flowing with life’s currents, I have navigated multiple courses, continuously evolving along the way. I ultimately found out that it’s through serving others, guiding individuals on their journey to wholeness, making them reconnect with their inner wisdom and unlock their immense power, that I have found the profound meaning of existence. 

What inspired your current path?
Having grown up in both rural China and Germany, I learned from an early age how to navigate between different cultures.  When I arrived in Germany at the age of 7, I could barely remember my parents‘ faces. I had only seen each of them once, for a brief 5-day visit. I had no idea what impact this long journey from Beijing to a new world would have on me and the choices I would make throughout my life. Little did I know that I would experience a cultural shock or become a rebellious overachiever. The immense pain I endured during this transition turned out to be my greatest gift.

Today, I take great pride in my name and heritage and that I am fluent in spoken and written Chinese. However, this was not always the case. As a 7-year-old immigrant, I was eager to fit in and felt ashamed of my own identity. I felt embarrassed by my parents‘ differences, their strictness, and the fact that we lived in a small student apartment. I would sit in front of the door singing and waiting for them to return home each day. From a young age, I dreamed of a world free from judgment, ignorance, xenophobia, and stigma. 

Tell us about your businesses…
After leaving my studies in physics at LMU, I bravely followed my first passion of serving FOOD and opened my first restaurant „NANNAN“ at the age of 23 and became known as the singing restaurant owner. I have since been breaking free from societal pressures and stigmas.

In 2019, I co-founded „Urban Greens,“ a cannabis brand in Berlin, together with my partner Tony. Our main mission with Urban Greens is to create a safe community space for discussing stress alleviation, improving mental health through the power of plants and meditation, as it played a significant role in my own self-discovery.

After the birth of our son Nanto in 2020, our family began traveling the world together, exploring indigenous ways of living and healing, reconnecting with our own roots with the intention of sharing this knowledge with others.

Do you want to know more about Nanjing’s (she/her) work?
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