Interscetional Anti-Bias and Empowerment Training


We put great value in cooperations, constant growth and thus influence, as well as sustainability.
To achieve this, we are making our content and intersectional concepts accessible to a wide audience.
Our training programs are helping to implement intersectional work environments and together with BIWOC* Rising and your company/organisation/institution we are shaping a diverse labor market by combining experiences and knowledge into a powerful tool to dismantle racism and any form of discrimination at workplaces.

Our expert team has a wide range of backgrounds and expertise to offer individual training sessions that meet your unique needs.
Additionally, we are also offering empowerment training for BIPoC and/or LGBTQI+ within your organisation.

  • What is an intersectional approach in the workplace?
  • How can you tranform your organisation/company/institution to a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment?
  • What is allyship among colleagues?
  • Why is  empowering your BIPoC/LGBTQI+ staff important?

We don’t sell alibi-workshops to tick of a box. Good training cannot be done in an hour presentation. It needs to
dig deep down our rooted system and bring all the inequalities to light. That’s how we begin to dismantle them.

If you are ready to be an active actor of change get in touch with us: