Strictly Business #09: Anne-Cécile & Audrey

Anne-Cécile & Audrey // Owner of La Case Paulette

Bonjour, bonjour!
We’re Anne-Cécile and Audrey, owners of La Case Paulette, a French concept store in Prenzlauer Berg Berlin.

This concept store is a manifestation of our dream, combining all our passions (fashion, food and art) in one space and representing the diversity of our country of origin. France.

We are here to break all the clichés, France is not limited to Paris; our typical pastries is not just croissants and the art scene is also highly active in French overseas territories such as La Réunion where we are originally from.

Both of us are from digital marketing backgrounds and work for various types of companies. We acquires a lot of experience and know-how for which we are thankful, but we suffered a bid existential crisis…What if we were both caught in bullshit jobs where we would have zero impact on our direct surroundings?

We decided to be our own womxn and be the representation that we needed to see. Taking all the risks, opening a clothing shop when brick & mortar shops are declared dead, struggling through a pandemic, and still being fearless.

We are doing our best and as we say on our island “Pas cape lé mort sans essayé” or “No way we die before we try”.

We do not want to be statistic as BIWPOC; we want to offer a platform to all the designers and artists we love and make our Case a safer space where all the different French communities are not just peacefully coexisting, but exchange and aim towards the same goal: being visible and celebrated.

Support La Case Paulette by shopping local here:


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