QTI*BIWOC Writing Workshop

Manifesting (Post) Apocalyptic Futures with Edna Bonhomme

Speculative fiction – from magical realism to fantasy – can be a gateway to conjuring new worlds that explore technological change, bone-deep love, and intergalactic joy. As Covid-19 continues to mutate and the climate crisis ensues, manifesting can be a pathway to healing and liberation that is packed with textual crispness.

This workshop is a speculative invitation to form novel narratives that transcend archetypes of human and cyborg experiences. This workshop used manifestation to explore Afrofuturist speculation fiction so that we can collectively foster our writing muscles and create a social archive for the (near) future.

Exklusiv für BIW*OC und TIN*BIPOC 
When: Monday, August 30th, 6.30-8 pm
Location: Bum, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21, 10999 Berlin
Language: English
Anmeldung bitte an: contact@biwoc-rising.info

Funded by: Filia. Die Frauenstiftung

The panel is part of out mentoring program. We are still looking for mentors who volunteer to empower and support our mentees regarding professional questions and more. Feel free to get in touch!

Edna Bonhomme
Edna is a historian of science, interdisciplinary artist, and writer. She earned her PhD in the history of science from Princeton University and a Master of Public Health from Columbia University. Her dissertation “Plague Bodies and Spaces” examined the commercial and geopolitical trajectory of epidemics in North Africa.

Working with textual archives and oral testimony, Edna explores contagion, epidemics, and toxicity through decolonize practices and African diaspora worldmaking by excavating the conditions that fuel modern plagues and how people try to escape from them.

She has written for Ajazeera, The Atlantic, Esquire Magazine, The Guardian, The Nation Magazine, The New Republic, and The Journal for North African Studies. Her debut book, “Tending to the Wounds” which explores the global history of restitution and reparations will be published with Haymarket books in 2022. She has a contract for her second book §Captive Contagions” with One Signal Press (Simon & Schuster) which uncovers the role that captivity has played during epidemics.


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