Strictly Business #11: Monia Fettah

Monia Fettah// Founder of Amouny Berlin

When we started Amouny in 2016, I had no idea what to expect. But listening to your gut feeling can lead you to wonderful places! In this case, it was mostly the longing for my distant home. Each trip to Morocco inspired me immensely. Particularly the handcraft enchanted me. Back then, however, it was a faint vision to bring that handcraft to Germany through fair trade.

My pregnancy gave me plenty of time to consider my wishes and my career. Which example did I want to set for my child? Should she grow up and learn a profession that wouldn’t really bring her any joy – just as I had?

And then I started sewing. Initial prototypes slowly turned into products that I sold on design markets. That’s how Amouny’s journey began.

Thanks to the help of my husband Younés the inspiration of my little daughter, the project grew into a small but wonderful family business. We set a task for ourselves: to help artisans and women, wh sell their handcrafted treasures on small markets. Because it was them who needed it the most but got the least recognition.

Five yeas later, we still committed to this task. It’s not always easy but it feels right and we an show out daughter the she always has a choice to do what makes her happy.

The fabrics for our jackets and caftans are unique pieces from various old markets across Morocco, mainly from the 70’s and 80’s. We want to provide an authentic platform for traditional Moroccan craftwork by avoiding the cultural exploitation of big companies and supporting small, independent businesses instead. This is our way to make sure that we are giving something back to our culture.

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