Strictly Business #12: Karry Schwettmann

Karl Schwettmann// Sustainability consultancy

I am a sustainability researcher and consultant. Currently, I explore ways how to integrate spiritual awareness into my work with clients. I believe we have a collective need for spiritual growth to create a much needed paradigm shift. I envision that this shift manifests itself in more connection – to ourselves, to others, and to nature. ‘Sustainability’ as a topic is just the door opener.

One day it struck me that answers to a world in turmoil are not only to be sought out there, in academia, politics, or science, but also within us. I was seeing more and more links between inner anxiety and planetary distress, lack of self-worth, and oppressive supply chains, pushing limits – in ourselves (burnout) as well as in nature (resource depletion).

As a woman of color with Taiwanese roots, experiences of sexism, fetishization and a form of ageism have developed my very own “screening criteria” for clients. That has made my work much easier and more joyful. I’m able to say no and turn down projects when I identify red flags. This, too, is a form of healing and sustainability for me.


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BIWOC* Rising is the first intersectional co-working space & social club in Berlin and Germany. This safer space is exclusively for women, trans, inter and non-binary people who identify as Black, indigenous or of Colour! Through training programs, empowerment workshops, and a work-desk in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, BIWOC* Rising is creating a new working culture – a working culture that transcends the white, homogenous, capitalist one that has been a core driver of gentrification and marginalization in Berlin.