Strictly Business #15: Lisa N’Paisan

Lisa N’Paisan // Founder of “Not Too Sweet”.

After completing my uni business degree in Sydney, I was destined for a traditional 9 to 5 job. Having watched my Vietnamese and Thai immigrant parents work hard to grow their fashion business, I was inspired to quit my full-time job and move overseas.

I am now a QWOC founder of Not Too Sweet, a stainable brand selling vintage clothes, reworked vintage and ethical jewelry, both online and in a concept store in Neukölln, Berlin.

I habe vivid memories of spending my weekends rummaging through charity shops and flea markets with my mum. This continued until I was in university, where I would resell the occasional find on eBay. But it wasn’t until U’d lande da copywriting job at a successful vintage chain in London, I would have the aha moment of ‘I can do this too. And better.’

My goal has always been to de-stigmatise shopping secondhand and it feels good to see today’S consumers being conscious about sustainability, durability and waste reduction.

Why “Not Too Sweet”?

As the daughter of Asian immigrant parents, the phrase “Not too Sweet” was commonly heard growing up and is something that many folx from the Asian diaspora can also relate to. Whether you’ve baked a cake or bought them a treat, ‘Not Too Sweet’ is the greatest compliment you could hear from them.

I would also describe myself as someone who speaks their mind, doesn’t take any bullshit and is…not too sweet 😉

The customers and people who I’ve met through my brand also all embody this attitude and this is something I want to continue to foster as it was a long journey to become who I am today.

When you’re a QWOC, your greatest asset is self-belief because society, the industry, friends and family won’t always beliebe in your ideas. Whenever I connect with someone new and they act surprised when I introduce myself as the founder, it fuels and motivates me to work even harder to break those stereotypes of what a founder should look like.

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IG: @nottoosweetvintage & @lisa.kuro



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