Workshop: Somatic Empowerment

Workshop with Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe on 02. November and 08. December 2023

For Black, African & Afrodiasporic People and BIPOC

Led by Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe, this workshop was designed for Black people and BIPoc seeking holistic ways to cope with everyday racism and discrimination in Germany, held in English and German.


  • Embodied Social Justice Techniques
  • Somatic Work
  • Action Strategy Development
  • Movement and Dance Exploration

Create affirming self-care rituals, embracing somatic interventions to promote racial wellness. Under the guidance of Dr. Ellerbe, this workshop provides a safer space to come together and cultivate sustainable self-care, a sense of belonging, and regeneration (on emotional and physical levels).

Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe (she/her) holds an anthropology doctorate with over a decade of experience in EU research projects. Certified in diversity, social justice, and embodied social justice training, her expertise lies in gender, intersectionality, migration, and postcolonial studies.

This workshop is organized by BDB e.V. (Bund für Antidiskriminierungs- und Bildungsarbeit) in cooperation with BIWOC* Rising.

More on BDB e.V.: @bdb.germany or


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BIWOC* Rising is the first intersectional co-working space & social club in Berlin and Germany. This safer space is exclusively for women, trans, inter and non-binary people who identify as Black, indigenous or of Colour! Through training programs, empowerment workshops, and a work-desk in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, BIWOC* Rising is creating a new working culture – a working culture that transcends the white, homogenous, capitalist one that has been a core driver of gentrification and marginalization in Berlin.