Strictly Business #26: Chelsea from SEED SPACE

Chelsea // Space Holder. Connector. Creator. Friendly Face behind SEED SPACE

SEED SPACE is a safe(r) healing sanctuary, reclaiming spirituality and wellness for BIWOC in Berlin (and beyond). It’s a place that educates on the traditional seeds of ancient wellness wisdom and shares practices to inspire ancestral healing. With consideration for cultural appreciation at the core of its offerings, SEED SPACE also welcomes allies to lean in and learn how to participate in contemporary healing – while honouring the ancient roots of many of the practices being shared in modern day wellness spaces.

Chelsea, the founder and friendly face behind the community is Australian born, Berlin based with mixed cultural heritage. After years of sitting in studios, attending retreats, workshops, ceremonies – learning about the ancient wellness wisdom from traditional cultures (only) through the lens of white women, she began awakening to the layers of colonial and capitalist structures perpetuated within a space that claims to be conscious.

Growing up with yoga in her childhood surroundings, but then later struggling to find an authentic yoga teacher training facilitated by – actual – south east asian people (can you imagine?!), was the cherry on top of a fast eroding relationship with the spirituality and wellness space. She could no longer participate in the practices that once brought healing, knowing the trauma attached to their journey from East to West and the continued appropriation and oppression that exists.

And so, SEED SPACE was created to change the narrative. To make waves shifting the culture of the wellness industry – restoring authentic practices and amplifying the visibility of BIWOC identifying practitioners within the space. 

It’s a safe(r) sanctuary for contemporary spirituality – an opportunity for education, inclusivity and empowerment. An invitation for BIWOC to reclaim wellness and heal generational wounds side by side. 

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Meet … Lin Diaz

Lin is our amazing Referent in PR and Social Media and will be the structure, magic and voice behind the scenes of BIWOC* Rising!! 

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BIWOC* Rising is the first intersectional co-working space & social club in Berlin and Germany. This safer space is exclusively for women, trans, inter and non-binary people who identify as Black, indigenous or of Colour! Through training programs, empowerment workshops, and a work-desk in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, BIWOC* Rising is creating a new working culture – a working culture that transcends the white, homogenous, capitalist one that has been a core driver of gentrification and marginalization in Berlin.