Strictly Business #5: Susan Sebatindira

Susan Sebatindira // Activist in the International Development sector

The moment I decided to study International Development, and eventually work in it as a career, 
was when I met staff who worked at the African Development Bank. I was surrounded by empowered Black professionals speaking about the healthcare program they were running in Malawi, or the infrastructure project they were coordinating in Gambia.

For the first time, I saw people that looked like me working in a sector I thought was reserved for white people. I saw Africans taking the lead and defining what development looked like for them.

This was the reason I created The Black Humanitarian, a platform featuring Black professionals working in the international development sector. Too often the narrative surrounding international development excludes the voices needed most: People of Colour – in this case, as a Black person working in the sector myself, I chose to focus on Black people.

My platform amplifies the voices of Black development professionals, sharing their take on the sector and their own experiences, as well as offering career advice. This consists of an Instagram page featuring a Black professional each week, which is open for anyone to follow. 

In addition, I run a LinkedIn page to foster connection and mentorship opportunities. The ultimate goal is to create an all-encompassing community hub.

Check out Susan’s Instagram: @theblackhumanitarian


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